I am a seasoned tech executive with several successful exits (co-founder of Inxight, recently Chief Product Officer at Saffron prior to its acquisition by Intel, as well as advisor to several other companies), and in my spare time I’m an avid runner and triathlete, with some success (19 Ironman finishes, 25+ marathon finishes). I’m currently running the public sector business for Falkonry, a cool little company that specializes in machine learning on multivariate time-series data. I am also a part-time coach on Team Sheeper, and a proud rider of the coolest triathlon bike out there, the Dimond. I recently made the big move from Menlo Park, CA to Kamuela, HI, so I am living the dream.

You can follow me on Twitter (@ihersey) if you like a mix of tweets that range from workouts to software/company stuff. Or attempts at humor. Or you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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