Today marked the arrival of all of the Epic Campers, as well as an evening welcome dinner and detailing of what we will be facing over the next 8 days.  There’s a points race within the camp, but I might have to leave it to the pros to duke it out.  I am nervous enough about reaching the daily minima in each sport — the Office Space restaurant manager’s comments regarding “flair” notwithstanding, I won’t think less of myself or anyone else for doing the absolute daily minimum.  I hope I’m not alone.

The coolest part besides just being here was meeting triathlon legends Scott Molina and Erin Baker.  I raced against was in a few of the same races as both of them back in the 80s during my first triathlon career.

Tomorrow is a 50ish-minute run at 6 a.m. followed by a swim that includes a 2K time trial (nothing like a long time trial for your first swim in weeks), then brekkies, and then we cap it off with a 150K bike ride.

Then the days get harder…

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