Social media numbers for “The Voice” semi-finals

Back from a hiatus on the Big Island to race and relax, it’s time once again to review the social numbers for this week’s “Voice”.” Past weeks have shown a relatively poor correlation between buzz on Twitter and actual results, but as the pool of contestants has decreased, the correlation has improved. This can of course be due to the increased probability of being correct simply as a function of smaller potential outcomes, but let’s see what the numbers say regardless.

For the period spanning last night’s live performances on the East Coast through midday today, we see the following:

the voice overallCompare this with only positive mentions, and we see a similar distribution:

the voice positive

The good news is that there’s a clear separation between the top two and the remaining three, so it appears as though Amber and Danielle are clearly safe. Two will be sent home tonight, though, and while it appears as though Sasha will be one of them, the difference between Michelle and the Swon Brothers is not very large. Both also seem to have a very loyal following that has kept them on the show even when the buzz numbers were relatively low, so at this point it’s just a guess as to which of the two will remain after tonight’s show.

Here I’m going with the Swon Brothers, purely because the novelty of a duo going to the finals vs three female soloists might have gotten the vote out better.

As this season has shown, though, the social numbers have been wrong before, so don’t take it to Vegas. 🙂

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