Racing Makes You Old Before Your Time

In a month or so, I’m turning 50. Gulp! I see something like this on the horizon:

Actually, I did get to drive that car while last in Honolulu, and I’m married to a young (all of six weeks younger) blonde, so I’ve pretty much ticked the boxes on my midlife crisis.

My first goal race of the season, Ironman St. George, is coming up on May 5, and in triathlon you race in the age group based on your age at the end of the year, which means this will be my first race in the M50-54 division. Even though I won’t technically be 50 yet.

Six days before that, I’m entered in the Big Sur 5K, a nice scenic little run held in conjunction with the marathon. There I’m racing as a 49 year old. In running, you race the age you actually are.

Theoretically, I guess I could jump into another running race in mid May and race as a 49 year old once again, after having raced IMStG as a 50 year old.

I wonder if this is that “fountain of youth” that Ponce de Léon was looking for.

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