Catching up in the New Year

I’m perennially running late, and so it is with race reports, years in review, etc. 2011 was a pretty good year, training-, racing- and otherwise.


  • Two marathons within 13 days, by far the shortest time I’ve ever had between races of that magnitude (previous shortest was 11 weeks.
  • Second Hawaii Ironman (tenth Ironman overall), with a 37-minute time improvement
  • Being selected as a TrainingPeaks Ambassador for 2012

I think I’m probably proudest of the marathon double (3:03:08 at Boston and 3:04:57 at Big Sur), especially since a calf strain severely curtailed my training leading up to Boston — I averaged 11 miles per week from the beginning of February through Patriots Day. Compensated for by lots of cycling, swimming and muscle memory, of course.

Still, I think that double hurt me in Kona. My cycling never really came together, especially for longer rides. And my bike crash in Big Kahuna didn’t help, either; I still have some scars from that one, literally.

For 2012, I am renewing my focus on cycling strength, kicking things off with the Spinervals Super 6 on TrainingPeaks. I’m also having fun beta testing some new TP features (more on that in another post). As a software company CTO, though, I have a bunch of other suggestions; I’m reining myself in for now.

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